Brave New Worlds: or, “So you decided to homebrew a setting”

For me, creating my own worlds has always been a big allure of tabletop role-playing games. Even when running a game in an established setting I try and find ways to make it new for my table. Where’s the fun in playing a “X-Men” game when you are just following the plot-lines from issue #75Continue reading “Brave New Worlds: or, “So you decided to homebrew a setting””

Bullying and the Paradox of Tolerance

Content Warning: this post contains references to bullying, abuse, gatekeeping, body shaming, and contains strong language. In the tabletop role-playing community there has always been the issue of bullying. I faced it many times while playing. Maybe more than others, because I have always been very vocal. Numerous times I have acted as the “lightningContinue reading “Bullying and the Paradox of Tolerance”

Change Doesn’t Happen from Within

Content Warning: this post contains references to racism and abuse in the workplace. Things have been not so great with Wizards of the Coast in recent days. There’s a lot occurring in that space that is leading some of the player base to call for a boycott of all WotC properties (D&D and M:tG inContinue reading “Change Doesn’t Happen from Within”

Selling Your Game On-Line

Digital media is the current big trend with tabletop role-playing games. What are your options, and what sort of cut is the platform taking? DM’s Guild (DMG), managed by OneBookShelf, has a very opaque and difficult to read breakdown of how much of a cut from the product you have created that you will receiveContinue reading “Selling Your Game On-Line”

D&D: My Very Personal Take on the Game

This post is part analysis/part history/part scathing indictment of Dungeons & Dragons. Despite all of the golden idols I seek to melt down into slag, D&D has been a massively important part of my life. I met my wife at a D&D game. I’ve had some friends for over half of my life that firstContinue reading “D&D: My Very Personal Take on the Game”