Welcome to the Library

Years past, the Blue Dragon established a center of learning on the world of Afion.

This place would be aptly named “The Blue Dragon Library”. The people of Afion are not known for their great creativity.

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The Hadozee: Why it is Never a Good Idea to try and Rehabilitate a Racist Trope

I was excited for the new 5E D&D Spelljammer setting. Overall, it is okay. Three books with enough info to get a game going, but not much depth given. Between the three books you get a smattering of details, very little lore, and zero mention of THE Spelljammer. But I’m actually fine with all of…

D&D Goes to Space: or how I learned to love giant space hamsters

The year was 1990. I was a twelve year-old kid who had fallen in love with TTRPGs. Most of my friends played AD&D (at this point, most of us had started shifting to 2nd Edition [2e]). That meant that I played AD&D, and occasionally managed to talk them into trying out one of the new…

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